Aussie Author Month

April 2013

What is Aussie Author Month?

Aussie Author Month is about celebrating the uniqueness and great quality of literature our nation produces by the promotion of authors and books we love from Australia (or, as with various celebrities and pavlova, those we claim as our own anyway even if they live in another country nearby).

We use the hashtag #ausbooks for bloggers, reviewers, bookstores and publishers to go wild!

Another important aspect of Aussie Author Month is also recognising that literacy in this country isn’t as widespread as it should be, particularly among Indigenous and remote communities. As well as bringing attention to our glorious Aussie authors, we want to raise awareness and help fundraise for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


How can I join?

Sign ups begin in mid-March and are as easy as tweeting, blogging, or sharing links among your friends during the month of April!

For those with a great local bookstore or library, take a picture of your store/library and tweet/facebook/blog it, whether it is the counter, your team, a nice display, or your favourite section (also works with online stores! Maybe take a picture of your office or your stock of books!)

For readers, reviewers and more – take a picture of your bookshelves, or your reading/reviewing pile, the teetering tower of books on your nightstand.

If you run a book blog or website, you can sign up through the link on the side menu.

You can also use the hashtag to tweet about your posts, or post them on our Facebook.

When you post on your blog or website, all we ask is that you link back to our blog and our fundraising page.


What can I do? 

Anyone can:

  • Share our donation or blog links
  • Tweet, blog, write, interview, or review Aussie authors
  • Hold a competition with the prize as Aussie books
  • Start a reading challenge or create a meme listing Aussie authors or books (genre, category or classic, it doesn’t matter) and ask your friends who have read which ones
Book stores can:
  • Offer a discount on Aussie authored books
  • Create an in-store promotion or display for Aussie authored books
Authors can:
  • Offer a short story for a discounted price or free to encourage new readers
  • Participate in interviews for bloggers in your genre
  • Give away books, or start a competition
Publishers can:
  • Offer a donation to ILF
  • Offer a discount on Aussie authors books
  • Use their website and marketing channels to promote Aussie authors and the Aussie Author Month fundraising effort

Aussie Author Month is about being as open as possible to anyone interested in reading, and anyone can participate!


** We do not accept money ourselves for fundraising, and anyone offering to do so on behalf of Aussie Author Month should be avoided and ignored. We fundraise through which sends the donations straight to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation! **